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Just a handful of targeted word suggestions can transform weak SEO content into powerful web pages. You’ll see how you can easily turn your ideas into SEO optimized sentences, which in effect make your web pages super relevant to search engines and more optimized for SERP’s.

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Optimize your content for search

Great content deserves a great ranking. But…Great content isn’t enough to rank well…Your content needs to be relevant to the search term you want to rank for.

SimilarContent’s Content Optimizer generates a real-time list of the top relevant words for any search term and shows you exactly how many times you need to use each word.

Get more relevant search results for each keyword by using SimilarContent picks. This is exactly what the people you want are searching for, and it’s free.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Track Your Content's Performance and Optimize for Relevance

Similar Content watches and analyzes your content. Then it gives you a relevancy score, showing how in-depth your topic is covered and what needs improvement sorted by relevance and user intent - Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

All Your SEO Writing Activities in One Place.

Check it’s readable.

Engage your audience with readable content.
Great readability reduces your Bounce Rate. Get better ranking.

Predict where you’ll rank.

SimilarContent shows you the prediction percentage of how high will Google rank the text.

Increase Content Relevance

Know Exactly what keywords to add or remove to increase your Content Relevance Score.

Boost your tf-idf score

Words with high TF-IDF numbers imply a strong relationship with the target keyword they appear in… voila! The Google robots knows what your article is about.

Measure difficulty

This part of the tool will tell you how deeply you need to cover the subject for best results.

Know exactly how many backlinks you need.

Know exactly how many backlinks you need in average to compete with the top 10.

Similar Content was founded as an answer to a simple problem: How to optimize your web writing.

Why SEOs & Writers love SimilarContent

"Great company to work with, I appreciate their support of education. Been very helpful when I have reached out and active on their support. Very easy to use, web-based and powerful. I really like that the data results are covered in real-time."

David P.

Professor (Capterra Review)

"After I used similar content for five days I already see ranking improvement and I can know more keywords about my topics and it saves a lot of time."

Joshua Manson

SEO Professional

"Content Optimizer can gain around 40 to 100 positions per keyword and a keyword depth increase from around 10 keywords in the top 20 over hundreds. the combined total gain can be in hundreds of positions."

Yvonne Chen

SEO Professional

Optimize your text for Google

Make sure your content is targeted for a keyword phrase. That way you can help Google determine exactly what your text is about and what it should rank for.

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