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SimilarContent a SEO software tool that makes SEO easy by showing you the "best" matching terms for any keyword in a visual, intuitive way. We're all about helping you create more, better content! Today, we help more than 6 thousands SEOs all over the world do their job more effectively and deliver superior results

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Improve Content Performance by Boosting Relevance.

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SimilarContent Evolution

At SC, we take an agile approach where it brings the most value.

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Though we’ve grown from a small startup to an international company, we remain fully committed to the fundamental values that got us where we are now: adapting to change versus following a strict plan and by placing individuals over processes.

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SC Team

CEO & Founder: Ibrahim Elsherbiny (Egypt)
Project manager: Mahmoud Rafeeq ( Palestine)
Head of Developers: Hamdan Taima (Palestine)
Front End Developer : Ferras Saqqa (Palestine)
Front End Developer : Ferras Alshaear (Palestine)
Head of Support: Ahmed Nour (Egypt)
Content Manager: Hafiz Omar (Pakistan)
Head of PR and Media: Amr Mamdouh ( Egypt)