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Save hundreds of hours on link audits. This unique way to calculate link difficulty shows you the real numbers needed to rank.

Link Difficulty score (LDS)

It will also give you a reasonable estimate of how many backlinks you need to achieve a specific page rank.
Link difficulty score (LDS) for each keyword to show you the number of backlinks you’ll need on average to rank in Google’s top 10 results. Knowing this will help you create more realistic link building campaign proposals.

How difficult is it to rank in Google?

Our backlinks difficulty index will tell you.

Based on Data - no Guessing

Backlinks Difficulty is the ultimate in link building strategy. The number one question on everyone’s mind is ‘How many backlinks do I need to rank?
Use the Backlinks Difficulty Tool to find out the number of links you need to rank in Google’s top 10 for a keyword.

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