Before Publishing

The Content Optimizer uses an algorithm that can grades your content and measure it against websites that outrank you.
And it can generate a list of related topics and term variants that your potential customers are searching with.
The list is based on the keywords and semantic variants used in the top-ranking pages for your focus topic.

Great content deserves great ranking.

But…Great content isn’t enough for Ranking…
It needs to be highly relevant to what
your target audience are searching for.


Improve Performance Before Publishing

No more guessing in your content marketing strategy, know exactly what your chances are to rank, and what to do to improve performance.


Find Content Gaps

Find exactly what topics are missing in your content that competitors are covering, and you are not.


Predict Content Performance

Based on Artificial Intelligence, you can predict article performance and what keyword(s) your content has the chance to rank for.

1. Fetch
Fetch any webpage content in just 3 seconds.
2. Check
Check your content score against any search query, Compare it to Similar Content on the web.
3. Optimize
Optimize your content score by just including keywords, phrases and questions suggested by the application.