Make it relevant

Find the right words for your content.

Optimize your content for the most relevant search terms. Sort by relevance and user intent to see the most important keywords to target in your content.

SimilarContent makes SEO easy by showing you the "best" matching terms for any keyword in a visual, intuitive way. We're all about helping you create more, better content!"

Start Ranking in Semantic Keywords that your customers are searching for when they are not familiar with your topic.

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Improve Content Performance by Boosting Relevance.

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Optimize your content score by just including keywords, phrases and questions our application suggests. You don't need to worry about getting penalized for keyword stuffing because we take care of it for you!


Measure “Content relevance score” against competitors that are currently ranking on the first page of Google for a particular search query.


Grade your text with our readability checker tool. Great readability reduces your Bounce Rate. Get better ranking.


Predict where you’ll rank. This part of the tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to predict where your content might be placed in the search engine results.

Optimizing content has never been easier, faster, or more powerful.

Just a handful of targeted word suggestions can transform weak SEO content into powerful web pages. You’ll see how you can easily turn your ideas into SEO optimized sentences, which in effect make your web pages super relevant to search engines and more optimized for SERP’s.

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Analyze your competitors top content.

Fetch any online text online and check their content Score and their content point of strength.
You will be able to do a competitive content analysis and find out how your competitors are faring and what keywords they are leveraging on their sites.

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