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Find the right words
for your content.

Just a handful of targeted word suggestions can transform your content into SEO content. You’ll see how you can easily turn your ideas into SEO optimized sentences, which in effect make your web pages super relevant to search engines and more optimized for SERP’s.

Start Ranking in Semantic Keywords that your customers are searching for when they are not familiar with your topic.

How it work

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Increase Content Relevance.

SimilarContent helps you answer the most important questions about your content. Do a keyword audit to discover primary and secondary target keywords for your content.

Plus discover more opportunity with the most relevant search terms. Sort by relevance and user intent to see the most important keywords to target in your content.

More better content

SimilarContent makes SEO easy by showing you the “best” matching terms for any keyword in a visual, intuitive way. We’re all about helping you create more, better content!”

Predict Your Ranking

Predict where you’ll rank. This Smart SEO tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to predict where your content might be placed in the search engine results.

Write for your Audience and Optimize for Google

Optimize your text for Google.

Make sure your content is targeted for a keyword phrase. That way youcan help Google determine exactly what your article is about and what it should rank for.

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Jioke Ugoorji

SEO professional
My website had been ranking in about the 30th-40th position for a month and I was getting really discouraged. Then I realized my content was not relevant enough. Ever since I started using SimilarContent, my content has drastically improved in regards to SEO. The tool made everything much faster and easier because it allows me to see what Google will think of my content before I publish and that saved me alot!

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