Semantic Keyword Research tool

Spreading out your meaning and target the broader topic.

Content Optimizer grabs search results and clusters them in related topics and entities giving you a clear picture of how to optimize for search intent better.

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What are consumers searching for when they are familiar with your topic?

1. Best keywords

We show you the best keywords that describe your article and at the same time, Google understands them.

Check your content score against any search query, Compare it to top 10 results.

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2.LSI Keywords

The more LSI Keywords of your target topic you include, the more relevant your content will appear to be to Google for that topic resulting in higher ranking.

Google Not only looks at the exact keyword that the searcher entered to be present on your website, they also look for other closely related terms that are associated with the search for word.

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IF YOU know exactly what you want to say, but don’t know how to say it.

THEN SimilarContent would love to be of service.

There are tons of methods to write your articles and plenty of words that describe what you want to say. But there are only a few ways that Google loves to see to understand that your content is relevant to a particular keyword, and that’s what SimilarContent is doing.

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