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November 18, 20212021-11-22 19:44

Content Editor
for SEO Content Writing

Check if you're using all of your Target keyword and LSI in your content. Get notified if you need to add a specific keyword to certain parts of your text to raise it's Content score.

What makes SimilarContent so powerful?

SEO Content Editor allows you to easily find keywords which are highly relevant to your text.

This is where Content Editor can help you.

Write what customers want to read about

Our SEO Content Editor helps you find exactly the kind of content your audience wants to see.

Content Editor makes it easier to choose what to write about and how to optimize your topic for the most relevant search terms.

For instance, if you sell running shoes, you might need to create articles on tips for running longer distances or how to prevent injuries.

The content is not only relevant for search terms, but it also helps you provide a better user experience.


No Keyword stuffing

Optimize your Content without Keyword Stuffing.

You want to rank on Google for your target keywords, but you don’t know how many times you need to use each keyword in your content.

SimilarContent’s Content Optimizer generates a real-time list of the top relevant words for any search term and shows you exactly how many times you need to use each word.

Get closer to what Google likes for content ranking and avoid the content spamming mistakes that will only hurt your SEO campaign.

rank predictor tool

Predict Your Ranking

Use our keyword ranking tool to see which keywords you've a chance of ranking for. We use the power of artificial intelligence to find out where your content will be placed in search engine results pages.
readability checker tool

Check Readability

Improve the readability of the text; shorten long sentences; rephrase vague sentences.

Take some time to proofread then Publish!

All in one seo content writing app

Start Ranking in Semantic Keywords

Start ranking in semantic keywords that your customers are searching for when they are not familiar with your topic or brand.

And many other great SEO features

Improve content writing experience with our collection of SEO Content tools.

Unlimited Sharable Links

Share your project with your favorite writer, without giving them access. Create unlimited sharable links, deliver your article to your similarcontent account with a click of a button.

Backlinks Difficulty

Check backlinks difficulty to your Keywords. Get an accurate representation of the number of links you need to rank in the SERPs for a specific keyword.

Content Rewriter

Our Content Rewriter saves you both time and money. It takes a single paragraph and turns it into dozens of unique, human-quality article, the best part is that it support 20+ languages to rewrite.

Headline Analyzer

This tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score.

Question Analyzer

Find new content ideas by knowing what customers are asking about.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

Find the best keywords for your brand and start out with the Proven Keyword Scale that used by top SEOs.

People love us

Why 12K clients love us

Clarke Gillebert

SEO Professional
“After I used similar content for five days I already see ranking improvement and I can know more keywords about my topics and it saves a lot of time.”

John Alen

SEO Professional
“This tool is great for writing SEO optimized content. You can search easy to rank keywords. But that’s only the start. You can optimize your content focused on these keywords by stealing the content strategy of the top performing results. I would absolutely recommend it for writing engaging and SEO optimized content. I think it is a hidden gem.”

Mark Jobs

SEO Professional
“After running a few of my articles through the tool, I can quickly see how I need to optimize it. I can see my self using this tool a lot to update content on my sites.”

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