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Why Content Optimizer

The benefit of writing a search engine oriented article is that search engines will give more preference to it so you don’t need to do anything else to improve ranking.


Get more keyword ideas

Check if you’re using all of your Target keyword and LSI in your content. Get notified if you need to add a specific keyword to certain parts of your text to raise your Content score.

Every keyword presented here is among the most commonly used by your niche competitors with a high content score. 

Know how many keywords to add or remove in your text

Use our live content editor as your own virtual writing assistant. Look to suggested target keywords for your chosen topic in the “topic ideas” section. Having a suggestion list so close will help your text keep the content keyword focus as you’re working on its optimization. 

Analyze your competitors top content.

Fetch any online text online and check their content Score and their content point of strength.

How it works

SimilarContent Content Editor is a web-based tool that helps you to create high-quality content ideas for your client. The editor allows you to see how much of a topic is covered, and how much more you can add to it, You can use the editor to brainstorm content ideas, and then share them with your clients. This way, they can approve the topics they like, and you can start writing.

Content Editor allows you to easily find topics for different industries and niches. The editor shows you the most relevant results for a given niche, and helps you choose the best topic for your client.