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Why Topic Difficulty

Use the topic difficulty tool to check how hard your chosen topic is from the point of is this “keyword” needs in-depth content, so it’s hard to write about or enough to write a small piece.


No Saved Databases!

We don’t have a saved database like other tools, we do our analysis LIVE at your request.
No limitation by an API or saved database of millions of keywords…The sky is our end!

81 languages

We support 81 languages… Your language not in our list, contact us to add.

94K locations

Our keyword research tool doesn’t support only countries, it also support cities.

How it works

1-Write your Your Keyword

Enter your keyword, country, language click search

2-SC do SERP analysis

SC scrape the top 10 results text Content

-analyze them one by one

-extract the LSI keywords that used by them one by one then score them from top to low score

3-Sc calculate average LSI Competition

-get the average score 

– this average score is our topic difficulty