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Check your Content's "Keyword Coverage Score" & Compare it to Similar Content on the web.

Before SimilarContent: You’re wondering how quickly you can create content that’s optimized for both users and search engines. Most Bloggers and SEO writers use the ‘Publish and Pray’ approach to rank without a scale that measures content performance, spending considerable time and money creating content that may or may not rank.

After SimilarContent: Imagine your life being made far easier – and far more rewarding and productive – because you already know in advance that the content you’ve created is almost certain to appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

Trusted by 5,500 Writers and SEO Experts!

Improve Content Performance by Boosting Relevance.

Great content deserves a great ranking.

But…Great content isn’t enough to rank well… It needs to be highly relevant to what your target audience are searching for.

Similar Content monitors, analyzes and optimizes the key elements of your content ensuring ideal relevancy score to increase the chance of ranking. It’s the real-time first LSI keyword research tool that can sort by relevance and user intent.

Optimize live with our built-in editor, showing how in-depth your topic is covered and what needs improvement.

Measure “Content relevance score” against competitors that are currently ranking on the first page of Google for a particular search query.

All Your SEO Writing Activities in One Place.

It works like gangbusters because you’re deploying not one tool – but SIX tools in one!

No Guessing

Know Exactly what keywords to add or remove to increase your Content Relevance Score.

Predict where you’ll rank.

SimilarContent shows you the prediction percentage of how high will Google rank the text.

Check it’s readable.

Engage your audience with readable content.
Great readability reduces your Bounce Rate. Get better ranking.

Boost your tf-idf score

Words with high TF-IDF numbers imply a strong relationship with the target keyword they appear in… voila! The Google robots knows what your article is about.

Measure difficulty

This part of the tool will tell you how deeply you need to cover the subject for best results.

Know exactly how many backlinks you need.

Know exactly how many backlinks you need in average to compete with the top 10.

Detailed directions for optimizing underperforming content.

Improve Content Relevance Score

Optimize live with our built-in editor, showing how in-depth your topic is covered and what needs improvement. Start Ranking in Semantic Keywords that your customers are searching for when they are not familiar with your topic.

Real-time analysis

Measure your relevancy score against competitors that are currently ranking on the first page of Google for a particular search query.

google serp analysis
content keyword suggestion


SimilarContent’s Content Optimizer generates a real-time list of the top relevant words for any search term and shows you exactly how many times you need to use each word. 

Find the Exact LSI that Your Content is Missing to Rank Higher.

1-Optimize your content score

Optimize your content score by just including keywords, phrases and questions suggested by the application.

2-Predict Your Ranking

Predict where you’ll rank. This part of the tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to predict where your content might be placed in the search engine results.

3-Rank on Google for Thousands of Keywords with One Piece of Content

The more LSI Keywords of your target topic you include, the more relevant your content will appear to be to Google for that topic resulting in higher ranking.

Google Not only looks at the exact keyword that the searcher entered to be present on your website, they also look for other closely related terms that are associated with the search for word.

content rank in thousands of keywords

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5,500+ SEO Professionals, SEO Freelancers, Content Marketing Specialists, SEO agencies and SEO Writers around the world have switched to SimilarContent to fundamentally improve their content performance.

“After I used similar content for five days I already see ranking improvement and I can know more keywords about my topics and it saves a lot of time.”

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“If you want your content to be loved by Uncle google, this is one tool you don’t want to miss.”

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“After running a few of my articles through the tool, I can quickly see how I need to optimize it. I can see my self using this tool a lot to update content on my sites.”

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“I am impressed with how the content optimizer worked, removing meaningless words and giving me only words that actually mean something in SEO.”

-Review source: Verified User

“This tool is great for writing SEO optimized content. You can search easy to rank keywords. But that’s only the start. You can optimize your content focused on these keywords by stealing the content strategy of the top performing results. I would absolutely recommend it for writing engaging and SEO optimized content. I think it is a hidden gem.”

-Brad Vandiviere, Faith Chapel Billings

“I have been using SimilarContent for my clients onpage work over 6 months. And have only get good results using the tool.”

-Review source: Verified User

“Content Optimizer can gain around 40 to 100 positions per keyword and a keyword depth increase from around 10 keywords in the top 20 over hundreds. the combined total gain can be in hundreds of positions.”

-Review source: Verified User

“Good work, nice keyword suggestions. I certainly recommend this app. The main feature of this app for which I am recommending it is fast and speedy content analysis and optimization for SEO purposes.”

-Review source: Verified User

“Usually, tools like this are hundreds of dollars a month. Yes, SC is a little rough around the edges, but they are offering a lot for the price.”

-Review source: Verified User

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Trusted by 5,500 Writers and SEO Experts!