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Pricing FAQs

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Is SimilarContent an auto content generator tool?

No, SC isn’t an automatic content generator tool or auto blogging tool.

What is the Content Optimizer?

Our Content Optimizer is a unique tool that analyzes text from any source on the web (blogs, websites, etc.) and identifies sentences that are relevant to your target search term, in other words it helps you find the right words for your content.

What makes SC unique than other SEO Content tools?

SC is a unique tool that has many features. Our live keyword analysis, Content Scoring system, Ranking Predictor, Topic Ideas generator and Readability Checker are our Most unique features that not found in any other alternatives.

Are there any discounts avalaible?

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Would increasing my content's keyword coverage score help my content to get a higher rank in Google?

By using the keywords and phrases that are being used by the top 20 Google results, your chances to get ranked like them will increase.

This helps Google to understand your content better as it did with the first 20 results but that doesn’t guarantee your ranking; it’s proven to help in 60% of the case studies we’ve seen in the past 4 years.

If I increase my content score to the most recommended score, will that guarantee my site will rank in Google?

Most SEO professionals know well that SEO in general won’t guarantee that they will rank on Google, but it will greatly increase their chances of doing so. It’s the same concept with SEO writing. It will increase your chances of getting ranked on Google for the target keyword, but that’s not a guarantee.

What if I write content without SimilarContent?

The answer is that you can write without similarcontent. However, in this case, you need to be a professional SEO writer with talent and experience in order to pick the best keywords that describe your target keyword.

But with similarcontent, you don’t need to be a professional seo writer. It helps you to find the best words and phrases that make your content seo optimized even if you write for your first time.

How does SC calculate the relevance score?

We use the TF-IDF mechanism to calculate every word importance in relevance to the top 20 results on Google and on your content. Our bot compares your TF-IDF score with top Google results.

How often is the KEI and Content Relevancy updated?

Simply, we don’t have a database! Our bot goes to Google and analyzes the top 20 results at the time of your search and gives you real-time data. We don’t use API or pre-made database like other tools.

Does SC analyze my content in my language?

SC is an international SEO writing tool. Our plan is to cover every language on the planet, but we currently support only 83 languages.

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