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Does Google Understand My Content?

When you optimize your text content, you need to make sure it’s very targeted towards a certain keyword phrase. By doing this you can help Google determine exactly what the article is about and what it should rank for.


There are tons of methods to write your articles and plenty of words that describe what you want to say. But there are only a few things that Google loves to see when it comes to content ranking and that’s what SimilarContent is doing.

SimilarContent show you the best keywords that both describe your article in the context of your topic are also understandable by Google. Moreover, we show you the prediction percentage of how much will Google understand through the text.

We’ve spent over 3 years refining how Google understand text and categorize it to a specific search term and we’ve put our juice algorithm in SimilarContent with a set of features and functions to make this process easier.

Sound like a stretch? Take a look at these proofs Below.

Describe the animal dolphin?

There are many ways to describe the “dolphin” animal, but which ones would Google understand and rank your content? let’s see below

What is a pancake?

There are many ways to describe the pancake. Let’s see which ones Google understands and ranks your content.

Who is Barak Obama?

There are many words and topic ideas to write an article about who is “Barak Obama.” Which words that describe Obama will Google understand, and which words would it rank your content? Here’s a look:


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