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How it works

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

The Keyword Effectiveness Index is the base keyword metric that used by SEO Gurus, it allows you to compare your keywords’ performance with the competitive landscape.


KEI compares the count result (number of times a keyword is searched within a search engine) with the number of competing web pages to pinpoint which keywords are most effective for your SEO campaign.

Why SimilarContent KEI

Our KEI Tool is 100% automatic, you don’t have to do anything. Just enter a keyword and evaluate KEI – we’ll do the math, crunch the numbers and find the good and bad for you.

How Effective is a Keyword?

Use Keyword Effectiveness to validate the Quality of your micro niche or even new keyword ideas while you are writing your content.

Keyword Difficulty checker

Get a clear picture of which keywords to focus on by checking the difficulty of each one.

How it works

Our KEI Tool will analyze the top 10 results from Google and return full report of difficulty.

The Most Accurate Scale.

Know which keywords are the most effective for your SEO campaign.

Accurate Metric

Our metric (KEI) is widely considered the most accurate one. It doesn’t take into account any on-page factors.

Technical SEO Audit

Keyword Difficulty tool (KEI) evaluates the chances of getting into top 10 of search results (not top 3 or top 1). Apart from number of competition profiles and content relevancy.

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