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Starting Price

Starting from $10-$45/month

starting from $119-$499/month

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How it Works

Grap LSI keywords live from Google SERP

Grap LSI keywords live from Google SERP

Articles to optimize per month

Starts at 90 Per month

Starts at 25 Per month


Ranking Predictor

TF-IDF Score

Headline Analyzer

Backlinks Difficulty Score

Readability Checker

Topic Ideas generator

Project Saving

Sharable links to writers

Question analyzer

Supported languages

81+ Languages, Nearly ALL

All languages


Chat, Fb group, Private Zoom Sessions

Email, Fb group

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Affordable price

Enterprise-grade technology at an affordable price

SimilarContent is the best, most affordable and most advanced solution, when compared to other Enterprise toolsContent Optimization and Score Analysis are not exclusive to enterprises.

With SimilarContent, small businesses and bloggers can take advantage of the latest technology!

Flexible, transparent & budget-friendly pricing plans

SimilarContent offers 3 different pricing plans to suit your Writing needs, no matter how big or small.

We’re transparent about our pricing, so you can see which features you’re paying for without having to book a demo. No annoying up-sells. No hidden surprises.

And with plans starting at $10/mo, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for great SEO Content software.

"Usually, tools like this are hundreds of dollars a month. Yes, SC is a little rough around the edges, but they are offering a lot for the price. After running a few of my articles through the tool, I can quickly see how I need to optimize it. I can see my self using this tool a lot to update content on my sites."

Roger D. Jakubowski

SEO Professional